A Targeted Approach

Our goal is to make your planning process efficient and organized so you can enjoy your event and achieve success. We make creating your event a seamless endeavor with our planning process and timeline. You can plan, promote and manage your event with ease from anywhere. Eventhouz allows you to promote your event, provide detailed information regarding the scheduled activities, recruit and manage volunteers in one simple fashion.

  • Manage Resources and Inventory

  • Timeline for the Sequence of Events

  • Communication Centralized for Email and SMS Messages

  • Bulk Volunteer Sign Up Sheets

Sign Ups

Get started with a powerful tool to create online sign ups in minutes. Need reminders for volunteers, they are simple to setup and share. We provide Sign Ups as a simplified add-on tool to event planning and event coordination. Looking to create multiple sign ups? We provide a tool to make hundreds of online sign up sheets in seconds!

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Events & Activities

Combine all your record keeping to facilitate the activities at your event. There is no need to juggle documents and spreadsheets. Invite users to help you manage the event, track your progress and keep a list of contacts. You can add activities to your event, edit existing activities and send updates to your colleagues. These activities include the things to do at your event like food vendors, music, live auction, petting zoo, kid’s games, etc.


Our solution provides simplicity to transfer knowledge of the event. This is especially beneficial for recurring events which may have new members engage in the planning effort and other key members disengage from planning the event. The framework will keep all your people connected in the planning process and provide a seamless transition for the event.


We provide a planning framework for management of services, information, and material that go into hosting an event. Event planning is increasingly becoming complex with information communications and control systems required in today’s fast pace environment.


After a sign up comes the overwhelming task to keep your volunteers informed or remind them of their commitments. Our online management tool has features that provide a simple way to keep your volunteers informed and updated of any event information. The tool that we provide works on any device. Use this feature to instantly share a calendar insert, or schedule a simple text message.









One Step at a Time

We are an online resource to help you and your teams with planning, executing, controlling and setting specific goals to meet specific criteria. We provide some of the most intuitive and advanced techniques that is focused on planning events.

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